Section 1 What is DBS iBanking?

What is DBS iBanking?
DBS iBanking is an online banking service provided by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. With DBS iBanking, you can gain access to your banking accounts, perform various banking transactions like fund transfers and bill payments, and place instructions to trade Hong Kong Securities anytime, anywhere. DBS iBanking is a one-stop online banking service that allows you to manage your finances at your convenience. For a comprehensive list, please see question 5 below.

Who is the supervisory authority of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited?
DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DBS Bank Ltd. DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited is regulated by Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and will follow and comply with the regulations and guidelines defined by HKMA.

Who can register for DBS iBanking?
As long as you are a DBS consumer banking customer, you can register for DBS iBanking.

Can I access DBS iBanking overseas?
Yes, if you have access to the Internet with a recommended browser, you will be able to access DBS iBanking when you are overseas, and just about any place in the world.

What are the services provided through DBS iBanking?

Many of the financial services provided by our bank are available through DBS iBanking, and the key services available are listed below. For more details, please refer to our User Guide.

  • Account Information
  • Fund Transfer
  • Payment Services
  • Credit Card Services
  • Time Deposit
  • Investment Services
  • Service Request
  • Customer Service
  • Alert Service
  • Application Forms
  • Rates Online


What languages are available for DBS iBanking?

The service is available in English and Traditional Chinese.

What are the service hours of DBS iBanking?
DBS iBanking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, some transactions have specific service hours, please refer to the service hour table for details.


Are there any service charges for using DBS iBanking?

DBS iBanking is a free service provided by DBS Bank. Service charges will only be levied for designated services. For details, please refer to the Bank Charges Schedule.


Are there any special promotional offers for using DBS iBanking?


You may visit here for the latest promotional offers.

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