Section 3 Online Registration for DBS iBanking

How do I register for DBS iBanking online?

You can register for DBS iBanking online by going through a simple process as below

Step 1 Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
Step 2 Read and accept the Data Policy Notice
Step 3 Input your personal information for identity verification
Step 4 Confirm your acceptance of the daily limits of DBS iBanking
Step 5 Set up your own DBS iBanking account and register your mobile phone number for the receipt of One Time Password (OTP)
Step 6 DBS iBanking online registration completed


What if I disagree with the Terms and Conditions or Data Policy Notice?


In that case, you will not be able to proceed with your registration. A message will pop up, in which you may click<OK> to terminate your registration or click <Cancel> to continue with your registration.


In Step 3 of online registration, is it mandatory to input my ATM card, Cashline card and my credit card numbers to complete the application?


No. You are only required to provide any one of the card numbers of those three card types. However, if you possess a bank account (either single-named or joint-named) with us, you are required to provide your ATM card to complete the application.

Important Note:
-If you are a bank account holder who does not possess an ATM card or your ATM card is not a single-named ATM card, please register for DBS iBanking by visiting any of our branches in Hong Kong and filling in the DBS iBanking Application Form.

I do not have a HKID card, can I still register for DBS iBanking online?

If you do not have a HKID card, you can still register for DBS iBanking by simply entering a valid passport number in Step 3 of the online registration process, given that you have DBS ATM card, credit card or a DBS Cashline card.


I want to adjust some of my online transaction daily limits but I am not allowed to do so during the online registration process, can I make the changes later?


Yes. You can always adjust the limits through the service of “View and Change iBanking Daily Limit” under “Customer Service” after logging on to iBanking.


Is it mandatory to register my mobile phone number during online registration?


Yes. You are required to register your mobile phone number during your registration for the purpose of receiving One Time Password (OTP). OTP is required every time when you log on to iBanking and conduct high-risk transactions online.


Should I restart my online registration for DBS iBanking after session timeout?


If you leave your PC idle for a period of time, a message will pop up asking if you would like to continue with your registration. If no response is received within a certain period of time, the system will automatically terminate the registration to help prevent any unauthorized access. You will need to start the registration again if you wish to complete the application.


How can I know if my online registration is successful?


There is a reference number associated with every successful online registration.

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