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Secured Line of Credit

Successful investment lies in how to maintain adequate liquidity and maximise returns through optimum allocation of your capital. Currently, you may have probably invested most of your capital in time deposits, securities, bonds. If an attractive investment opportunity emerges, you might just have to let it go.

With DBS Secured Line of Credit, your assets can be turned into ready funds, giving you a standby credit line of up to 100% of the value of your pledged assets. At the same time, you can keep on holding these assets in position for long term capital appreciation. The advantage of financial flexibility is on your side!

Wide range of assets for pledging
From time deposits and structured investment deposits to securities, bonds, all sorts of assets maintained with us are acceptable collateral.

Standby credit line of up to 100% of the asset value
The lending ratio, which varies for different asset types, can be as much as 100% of the asset value.

Flexible interest charges
No minimum repayment is required. Interest is charged only on the daily utilised overdraft amount which suits for short-term investment or cash needs.

Revolving credit line
The credit limit will be automatically restored upon each repayment, giving you extra standby cash convenience without re-application.

Overview of Secured Line of Credit

Type of Assets
Lending Ratio (% of Asset Value)
Overdraft Interest Rate (p.a.)
Time Deposits
Foreign currency

Secured Line of Credit
Time Deposit Rate + 2% OR Prime Rate (whichever is higher)

Treasures Secured Line of Credit
Time Deposit Rate + 2.5% OR 3-month HIBOR* (whichever is higher)

Secured Line of Credit
Prime Rate +2%

Treasures Secured Line of Credit
Prime Rate -1% OR 3-month HIBOR* (whichever is higher)

Structured Investment Deposits (Selected)
1. Maturity within 5 years
Up to 70%
Prime Rate -1%
2. Maturity in 5-10 years
Up to 50%
Prime Rate -1%
Bonds (Selected)
Up to 75%
Prime Rate -1%
Securities (Selected blue-chips)
Up to 50%
Prime Rate -1%
* HIBOR = Hong Kong Dollar Inter-bank Offer Rate

Prime Rate refers to the Hong Kong Dollar Prime Lending Rate as quoted by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank").
The Bank reserves the right to make all final decisions on the approval of the asset(s) eligibility, the lending ratio(s) and interest rate(s) for the Secured Line of Credit, as well as the approval of the application without prior notice.

Secured Overdraft Standard T&C


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